Shuttle Service: Here’s Why You Should Hire One for Your Company

Shuttle Service

From employees going to work instead of working from home to people around the world becoming a bit more comfortable leaving their house post-lockdown, it seems like the world has started to recover from the effects of coronavirus.

However, public transit may still be an issue for a lot of people – just like it was prior to 2020. To make the transition smoother for your employees, you should consider hiring a shuttle service for your company.  

Shuttle Service

Most people still struggle with daily commuting issues. If you’re in charge of a company, it is your job to make things more convenient for your employees. Hiring a shuttle service is a smart way to do this. Following are some reasons you should consider it.

1. Better Time Management

The most common reason people get late to work is due to traffic jams, lack of cabs in the area, flat tires, and delays in public trans. Depending on how crucial their work is, this can affect the overall productivity of the company.

Providing the employees with the convenience of shuttle buses can solve most of these issues. They won’t have to deal with any transport issues in the morning, the overall management of the company would be much easier, and the employees won’t have to spend extra money on commuting. In addition to that, the employees won’t have to drive in the morning, which will allow them to be more fresh and productive when they arrive at work.

2. Improved Teamwork

In most companies, employees constantly have to depend on each other to finish their work on time. For instance: Person A has to wait for Person B to turn their work in before they can start their work. However, if Person B is constantly late, Person A won’t be able to complete their tasks on time either. As a result, not only would the productivity be affected, but Person A might end up resenting Person B. Such things can create animosity among the team.

However, if all employees arrive on time, there won’t be space for any such issues. Therefore, there would be better teamwork, which the business would benefit from. Additionally, commuting to and from work on a daily basis would encourage more communication among employees, further increasing the chance of building healthy relationships.

3. Better Company Reputation

When potential employees are looking for up companies they want to send their resumes to, they generally consider three main things: the reputation of the company, the salary package, and how easy or difficult it would be to commute to the office location. Most people prefer locations that are close by so they won’t have to spend too much time and money on commuting.

A company that offers a shuttle service would automatically gain a better reputation, as employees would prefer a company where they wouldn’t have to worry about the commute themselves. Even if the office location is a bit far from their houses, they might consider it. As a result, you will receive resumes from more and maybe even better-qualified people.

4. Environment-Friendly

Even in a relatively small-scale company, there could be hundreds of employees who have to come to work every day. If each employee is taking their private vehicle, or even a cab or other public transport, it can significantly contribute to air pollution. If you’re not already aware, it is estimated that we have less than 10 years to save the earth from the worst possible scenario. Hence, we should be taking every small and big step that we can take to reduce our carbon footprint.

With private vehicles contributing to about 60% of the carbon dioxide emission in the atmosphere, hiring a shuttle service that accommodates a couple of employees can be substantially beneficial for the environment. Your company may not reap any direct benefits from this, but by taking this small step, you can play a huge role in saving the planet.

5. Better Management of Parking Area

Allocating a proper parking area for employees and having it managed properly is also your responsibility. You have to ensure that the place is safe, has a strong security system, can manage the necessary volume of cars, and other miscellaneous tasks to maintain the parking lot. If you don’t have a parking area, the company would typically be required to reimburse the employees for parking nearby.

By hiring a shuttle service, all of these duties will become much easier. It is still recommended to have a reasonable parking space, as not all employees may opt for the shuttle and some might still prefer to bring their own private vehicles. However, the maintenance would be much easier.

6. Employees will Have One Less Thing to Worry About

As an employer, you want to encourage a stress-free work environment. When employees don’t have trivial things to worry about, they would be more productive and happy at work. By hiring a shuttle service, you take away a major source of stress from your employees.

They won’t have to worry about catching a cab every day or running out of fuel. They would also not be worried about getting late or missing out on important meetings and tasks. They will be spending time with people in similar situations, which would give them an opportunity to discuss any issues they have. All of these can promote better mental health and may even retain employees for a longer period of time.


Overall, hiring a shuttle service is beneficial for your company, your employees, as well as the environment. Hence, there is no reason you shouldn’t consider this option for your company.

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