Are you hosting an event and need small transportation to move clients or guests around?

Want to offer your tenants a way to enjoy more dining options from your office building?

Bringing a convention to Dallas and want to be able to shuttle your attendees around the downtown core?

Are you an event planner working on transportation for a festival?

Are you a building complex and need transportation around your campus?

We offer our “Shuttle Service” option. In this option you get everything listed below.

We currently offer 2017 Polaris GEM e6 carts. All our carts come with a Lithium battery (range is 65-75 miles). All carts have doors and roll up and down windows. They also come with seat belts, all forward facing seats, turn signals, horns and some have heaters installed. Our rates include a cart and a driver for up to 4 hours each day. Any additional driver hours that are requested are billed at $25 per hour per cart, on a separate invoice.

You will have the option of having the cart wrapped in your logo for your “Shuttle Service” period. 

Our Shuttle Service rates are below with a Driver included. This is per cart.

  • Daily $300 (driver 4 hours)
  • 2-Day $550 (driver up to 8 hours within the 2 days)
  • 3-Day(weekend) $750 (driver for up to 12 hours in the 3 days)
  • Weekly (7 Day) $1,350 (driver for up to 28 hours in the 7 days)

Delivery charges are for round trip and are below

  • 1-2 carts $125
  • 3-4 carts $250
  • 5-6 carts $375

Long Term Shuttle Service

For any Shuttle Service request lasting longer than 7 days please contact Gary Haag at or by phone at 469-432-4055.